Distracted Drivers Plague Nation’s Roadways ~ Making Cellphone Calls, Texting, Eating, Grooming Behind The Wheel Puts Lives At Risk…

Seattle ForeclosuresMany people who encounter a car weaving wildly out of its lane, speeding up and slowing down randomly, veering into oncoming traffic or breezing through stop signs will immediately think ‘drunk driver.’-

While drunk driving is an extremely dangerous hazard on American roadways, this behavior is just as easily associated with sober but distracted drivers – who can be just as dangerous as drivers who have had too much to drink.

In fact, distracted driving is so out of hand that U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood called it ‘an epidemic.’ [Read more…]

Three ways to give energy savings the green light in your home

Seattle ForeclosuresRed means stop, green means go’ – we learn that axiom as children.

When it comes to home energy costs, however, going green can help homeowners put a stop to runaway utility bills. And maximizing your home’s use of natural light – call it ‘green lighting’ – is a great way to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Here are three ways you can put Mother Nature to work, and use natural light to lower your energy costs:

Minimize use of artificial lighting

Anyone who’s ever paid an electrical bill knows that the simple act of turning on a light can directly impact your monthly expenses. Homeowners looking for a long-term way to power down their lighting costs may consider Energy Star-qualified skylights a good investment. While skylights’ cosmetic appeal can’t be argued, their value goes far beyond good looks. [Read more…]