Buying And Selling A Home During The Off Season

Real Estate Seattle While cold weather causes many people to stay snug and cozy indoors, it provides a great opportunity for home buyers to get out and find their dream home.

Fall and winter are typically considered the off season in the housing market, but actually buyers can potentially find better deals and sellers may find the most serious buyer. To take advantage of the benefits of off-season real estate, consider these important areas of advice. [Read more…]

What every homeowner should know about ceiling fans

Short Sale Seattle Ceiling fans аrе thе jacks-of-many-trades, useful іn nearly еvеry home space аnd іn virtually еvеry decor.

They аrе аlsо а necessary element fоr homeowners looking tо cut utility bills. If yоu need а nеw ceiling fan, it’s easy tо gеt lost іn thе many available options, whіch іs why sоmе tips frоm lighting professionals cаn bе helpful. [Read more…]

Homeowners’ emphasis on energy efficiency grows

Seattle Homes Real EstateEven in a volatile economy, homeowners are making home upkeep a priority.

While the number of projects annually had been on the decline in recent years, a study from BuildFax, a resource for building, remodeling and repair information, found remodeling activity was up in 2011 over 2010. Additional data shows homeowners are opting to invest in what matters most with projects that benefit their wallets, personal comfort and the environment. [Read more…]

How to protect your greatest asset – your home – from subterranean termites

Bellevue Real Estate When it comes to protecting your home’s value, you have no control over some of the factors that influence real estate values, like nearby retail development or the job market in your area.

You can, however, take control over one major factor in your home’s value, its health and the health of your neighborhood – termites.

Termites cause more than $2 billion in damage every year to homes in the United States, and statistics show that’s likely more damage than what fire, storms or earthquakes cause. [Read more…]