Build A better Breakfast: Flavor Meets Nutrition In The Best Morning Meals

Foreclosed Homes SeattleMom And Grandma Had It Right: Providing your body with a meal at the beginning of the day can have a multitude of benefits, from keeping you in a good mood to preventing bad snack habits.

To get the maximum effectiveness from your breakfast, it needs to be nutrition-packed. Of course, it’s just as important that what you eat to start the day is delicious.

Eating foods that provide a nutritional boost will help you today and in the long run. During your day, your body can rely on foods that provide “fuel,” keeping you energized, alert and feeling good. And as the years go by, those healthy habits will pay off, helping your body function better for longer. [Read more…]

Weeknight meals made easy

Short Sale Seattle Fоr mоst busy Americans, cooking weeknight dinners cаn bе challenging.

Hectic schedules аnd weariness frоm thе day’s activities often prompt many tо reach fоr thе takeout menu instead оf opting fоr quick аnd convenient meal solutions prepared right іn thеіr own kitchen. [Read more…]

What’s in store at your supermarket: Top 10 food trends for 2012

Seattle Homes Real Estate Last year’s high grocery prices had many Americans looking for ways to save at the supermarket.

The upswing in prices over the past 12 months may have you wondering what will happen this year at your local grocery store.

In partnership with ConAgra Foods, industry expert, and “Supermarket Guru,” Phil Lempert, predicts an interesting year ahead. [Read more…]

Simple ways to make dinner at home a special night

Best Neighborhoods in SeattleDining at home has many advantages, from saving money to affording family members more time together.

But it’s easy for those at-home meals to become routine and boring – unless you take some simple steps to make dinner time a special time for everyone. [Read more…]