DIY Home Improvement Fixes To Create A Healthier Home

You Might Not Be Aware That Your Home May Pose Some Hidden Risks For You And Your Family.

seattle home inspectionBut you don’t need a fat budget to give your home a safer and healthier boost. After all, there is nothing more important than keeping your family safe.

Hazards may be lurking in your home, and for $100 or less, you can make the home improvement precautions needed to protect your family from common household dangers. Danny Lipford, home improvement expert and host of the nationally syndicated show “Today’s Homeowner,” recommends these budget-friendly DIY projects for a safer and healthier home: [Read more…]

How to protect your landscaping during the snow season

Seattle Real Estate BlogYou work hard on your lawn and landscaping during the spring and summer.

Now it’s fall, and time to get ready for winter. You know the drill – move houseplants indoors, make sure your plants are well-watered before the ground freezes, clean up the beds and remove annuals, cut back perennials, put down mulch. [Read more…]