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King County Foreclosures Decline In April

Banks are increasingly agreeing to short sales rather than foreclose, hence a decline in foreclosures in recent months. The quantity of U.S. residences … [continue reading...]

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Seattle Condos In The Downtown Area Are Filling Up

If your serious about buying a condominium in downtown Seattle the you must know that consumers are returning into that market. The last several years have not been good ones for condominium builders in and … [continue...]

Is A Housing Recovery For Seattle About To Happen?

There's no proof the old housing boom could return. Americans are confronted by too much housing inventory and too much personal debt. Gurus have been predicting a bottom for the housing market ever since … [continue...]

Seattle Homeowners Beware: An Important Tax Break Is Set To Expire

Any person coping with a distressed mortgage situation should get things worked out prior to the end of 2012... A valuable tax break for thousands of homeowners is set to end at the end of the year. For … [continue...]

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